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Kathryn Windley

Enchanted by the country lifestyle, Kathryn left the dog-eat-dog world of Madison Avenue advertising and moved to an 1830s farmhouse in Dutchess County. After finding the house of her dreams, her real estate broker, Gary DiMauro, became her new best friend. Gary eventually became more than a friend, and a few years after he sold Kathryn the house, he moved in with her. (He’s a closer, after all.) They were married at their home in 2005. With 23+ years experience creating national ad campaigns, launching Lexus automobiles, and winning creative awards for her work, Kathryn realized she could be a great benefit to Gary’s business (and vice-versa). She became the Creative Director for Gary DiMauro Real Estate in 2003, supervising all aspects of advertising, marketing, and new media. Their 1830’s farmhouse in Milan was published in Country Living magazine in April 2012 and Upstate House magazine in 2013. In her spare time you can find Kathryn in her garden, or her art studio.

Creative Director

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