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Wyatt Bertz

Wyatt moved to the Hudson Valley in 2009 to attend Bard College. At the time, he was completely unfamiliar with New York State and was initially shocked by the abundance of farmland, fearing total isolation and a draconian lifestyle. Within several months he knew in his heart that he’d found a lifetime home. As a lifelong musician, he was thrilled by the area’s thriving arts scene; as a lifelong classic car enthusiast, he fell in love with what he calls “the best, most beautiful, and certainly most underrated driving roads this side of the Pacific Coast Highway.” Wyatt’s passion for old European cars and timeless design, and the amount of time he spent observing the area’s property from behind the wheel, led naturally to an appreciation of the Hudson Valley’s distinctive homes, their styles, and their rich history. He served the needs of many while running a property management business as a college student. Following graduation, Wyatt relocated to New York City where he still retains his license. After executing in excess of several million dollars’ worth of Manhattan sales transactions, Wyatt could resist the temptation of the Hudson Valley no longer. “I knew it was only a matter of time,” Wyatt says, adding, “the heart wants what the heart wants.” Self-described as “old-fashioned,” Wyatt’s heart sings for old homes with endearingly lopsided proportions, reclaimed (if not original) materials, thick patina on all surfaces, and overgrown perennials in the “old English style.” We’re very pleased to have Wyatt join us and bring his NYC association to our Rhinebeck office.

R.E. Salesperson
Rhinebeck Office

Mobile: 774.258.1417

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