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Preparing Your House For Sale

Prepping your house for sale is one of the most important things you can do to make your house appealing. In fact, “Staging” is now a national trend that has even spawned multiple television shows, such as HGTV’s “Sell This House”.

Here’s how to get people to focus on the best assets of your house:

  1. De-Clutter
    The most important of all. It’s amazing how much larger and more airy your house will look when you put away all the clutter that easily accumulates in houses. Pack up the tchotchkes. Clean off everything from the kitchen counters. Clear out any unnecessary furniture like that treadmill/clotheshanger. Remove the throw rugs covering the wood floor. Think of it as a head-start on the packing you’ll have to do when you move.
  2. De-personalize
    Buyers can’t picture themselves in your home if they can’t see past you and all your personal artifacts. Pack away your personal photos and family heirlooms. Put away your collection of 19th century naughty postcards. Your life shouldn’t create more discussion than the house.
  3. Neutralize
    Not everyone has your passion for pink paint. Or has the imagination to see past the busy wallpaper. People rarely have the exact same style that you do, and you want to appeal to the most people possible. If in doubt, think luxury hotel room. Simple. Uncluttered. White sheets in the bedroom. White towels in the bath.
  4. Lighten up
    Dark rooms are always a turnoff for buyers. Pull back the curtains. Open the blinds. Clean the windows. Repaint dark rooms with a lighter color.
  5. De-odorize
    House odors from pets, smoking, mildew, etc, are the first things buyers notice. But don’t take the stale advice of mulling cider on the stove, or baking cookies in the oven to create that ‘homey smell’. And definetely no perfumed sprays. Eradicate any odors to present a fresh, clean environment.]
  6. Consider a “Staging” Professional
    Many homeowners find it difficult to look at their home objectively and through the eyes of potential buyers. Hiring a staging professional may be a good option.According to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, staging can boost the selling price by 6-20% in a moderately priced home, and go as high as 20% for a luxury home in a hot market. And staged homes can have a dramatically shortened time on the market. Stagers go beyond basic de-cluttering, and may rearrange your furniture, bring in props, and employ tricks-of-the-trade staging techniques to maximize the best features of your home. Staging can also be a good choice for vacant homes, as most realtors feel a home shows better with furniture than without. The average fee for staging runs anywhere between $500 and $5000, with $1800 being the national average. Your agent may be able to give you the name of some local stagers.

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