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Seller’s Etiquette

A Handy Guide.

Home sellers have responsibilities too. Here are some things you can do to help your agent help you.

  1. Be ready to show at all times.
    Same-day and last-minute requests for showings are common, especially on weekends. If a seller chooses to create time stipulations, or makes showings difficult, it may cut down on the number of showings, and therefore, potential buyers.
  2. Prepare your house for showings.
    Keeping your house clean and clutter free is imperative to create the proper selling environment. Buyers are always turned off by dirty dishes and unmade beds. Consider going the extra mile, and “staging” your home. Or hire a professional to help you. Make any necessary repairs so that the house seems in good shape.
  3. Check your curb appeal.
    A buyers first impression is the most important. Many decide not to even enter the house if they’re unimpressed by the exterior. Keep the lawn mowed, the weeds in check, the kids’ toys put away, and the hoses and yard equipment stored.
  4. Don’t hang around for showings.
    Homebuyers feel awkward when the seller is home. They don’t feel comfortable exploring the house, or giving honest feedback, which is important for your agent to hear.
  5. Don’t ask your agent to do anything unethical or illegal.
    This includes obvious issues related to fraud or deception. But also includes fair housing issues.
  6. Manage your pets.
    Many people are afraid of dogs. A barking dog at the door is enough to irritate people, or worse, make them turn around and go home. Pets should be out of the house during showings if possible. Also, be aware that many people are sensitive to pet odors, which can be a major turnoff.
  7. Be flexible.
    Most buyers and their agents try to arrive on schedule for the showing appointment, but sometimes delays are inevitable.

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