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Real Estate Agent 101

What an agent should (or shouldn’t) do for you.

A real estate agent should:

  1. “Get” what you’re looking for.
    Hate Tudors? Need privacy? A good agent is adept at figuring out what houses you’ll be interested in, and should sift out the rest.
  2. Be more than a messenger.
    Anyone can deliver a buyer’s offer to a seller. A talented professional should be a skilled negotiator, a partner, an educator, a buffer, a source of information, and a guide.
  3. Be a resource.
    You don’t need to know everything about buying and selling if you work with a professional who does. An agent should be very informative, and walk you comfortably through every step of the process. An agent should also be happy to help you find services and suppliers you need before (and after) you buy a home.
  4. Show you houses within your price range. 
    You’ve discussed your “comfort range” with your agent. They should listen to you.
  5. Be professional and courteous.
    This person will be representing you to sellers, lawyers, vendors, and other agents. They should reflect well on you.
  6. Be likeable.
    You may be spending lots of time in a car with them.

And shouldn’t:

  1. Be pushy. You know the type.
  2. Keep showing you houses you’re not interested in.
  3. Show you only their own listings
  4. Pressure you to spend more.