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Hudson Valley Real Estate

Is it the charming antique farmhouses? The beautiful vistas made famous by the Hudson River School painters? The idyllic rural landscape just 2 hours north of New York City? Or is it that you can tend to the goats on your 50 acres, and then go see an independent art film after an organic meal at a Zagat-rated restaurant? Whatever the reasons, our historic Hudson Valley area has become one of the most desirable places in the world to live. Located just north of New York City and extending to Albany, the Hudson River Valley is divided into 3 regions: Lower, Middle and Upper. The area we serve at Gary DiMauro Real Estate is considered the Middle, or Mid-Hudson Valley. The Mid-Hudson Valley is one of the rare locations that is both rural and sophisticated. There are still places that look just as they did to the first settlers, and yet it is an area that never gets stuck in the past.

Here are a few reasons that we find the Hudson Valley an incredible place to live:

  • It’s a scenic masterpiece.
    Winding country roads. Rambling stone walls. Rolling open fields. Bucolic 18th century farms. River towns. Tiny historic hamlets. And the mighty Hudson River flowing through the center of it all, lined with the grand river estates and century-old lighthouses. It is at once breathtakingly beautiful and homey –the inspiration for the Hudson River School painters, and every person lucky enough to live here. As a crewmember of Henry Hudson once said “It is as pleasant a land as one can tread upon.”
  • It’s a National Treasure.
    With 5 National Historic sites, 58 National Historic Landmarks, 89 historic districts, and over 1,000 sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it’s no wonder that the Valley was described as “the landscape that defined America.” Recognizing its central role in shaping the history of the United States for 400 years, Congress designated the Hudson River Valley as a National Heritage Area in 1996.
  • It’s the best of the old:
    Living in 1800s farmhouses with wideboard floors and clawfoot tubs, or early Dutch stone houses only found in the Hudson Valley. Strolling through historic towns newly preserved. Shopping for antiques in a building that’s equally antique. Taking an open-air biplane ride over the grand river estates.
  • It’s the best of the new:
    Taking in a world-class concert at the Frank Gehry designed Fisher Center for Performing Arts. Watching all the latest independent art films at Upstate Films. Enjoying the WiFi access at the local coffee bars. Taking yoga, Pilates, and then relaxing with a hot stone massage. Hip boutique hotels with flat screen TVs.
  • It’s a culinary paradise.
    The Hudson Valley is home to the famed Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and is a stomping ground for four-star NYC-trained chefs. It’s also renowned for high quality, regionally produced cheeses, meats, and artisanal wines. The local farm stands and farmer’s markets provide an abundance of all things organic, grass-fed, free range, and just-picked.
  • It’s an eclectic mix.
    Our valley is home to long-time residents who trace their lineage back to colonial times, weekenders from NYC, and once-weekenders who stayed to become long-time residents. Our neighbors are farmers and telecommuters, artists and artisanal cheesemakers, celebrities and students, and vacationers that never went home. There is new money, old money, and not enough money. Gay, lesbian, and straight. Republican, Democrat, and Independent. Hippie, Indie, and Horsey-Set. We all live side-by-side, brought together by the land and a lifestyle.