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Listing Agent 101

What an agent should (and shouldn’t) do for you.

A real estate agent should:

  1. Be more than a messenger.
    Anyone can deliver buyer’s offers to sellers and vice versa. A talented professional should be a skilled negotiator, a partner, an educator, a buffer, a source of information, and a guide.
  2. Be a resource.
    You don’t need to know everything about buying and selling if you hire a professional who does. An agent should be very informative, and guide you comfortably through every step of the process. An agent should also be happy to help you find any services and suppliers you may need in the selling of your home.
  3. Give you honest guidance.
    Is your asking price too high? Does your Jack Russell terrier terrify all the buyers? An agent shouldn’t shy away from tough conversations if it’s going to affect your sale.
  4. Listen.
    Enough said.
  5. Keep you informed.
    You shouldn’t have to be the only one calling to find out what’s going on.
  6. Be professional and confidential.
    This person will be representing you to buyers, lawyers, vendors, and other agents. They should reflect well on you.

And shouldn’t:

  1. Be pushy.
    You know the type.
  2. Tell you only what you want to hear.
    Too many houses have sat on the market too long, because some agents will say anything to get the listing.
  3. Be out for their own interests.