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Testimonials for Eliane M. Abramoff


“We are so grateful to Eliane Abramoff for her partnership in selling our home in Gallatin. From our very first meeting, we felt confident that Eliane understood what we loved about our home and knew how to position it effectively to potential buyers. Her local knowledge is second-to-none and she was very communicative throughout the journey. As first-time sellers, we particularly appreciated Eliane’s flexibility, ability to see around corners, and her sense of humor, and were thrilled with the final outcome of the sale. We recommend her wholeheartedly.” ~ Traff J and Michael G, Gallatin.

“My husband and I asked Eliane to work with us TWICE over the course of this last year to sell some particularly charming but quirky (read: not for everyone) homes in Red Hook. Eliane has a keen eye for what makes a house special… and uncannily can assess the possible buyers and find a way for them to connect with the house. She is remarkably upbeat at all times throughout the selling journey—no matter how short or long. However, what sets her apart from many agents is her stick-to-it-ness. Nothing is left to chance or falls through the cracks. She (and the company she works for) have a wealth of knowledge of the area and through hard work and great marketing  attract and maintain a plethora of buyers and excellent relationships with other agents.” ~ Liza P, Red Hook

“Eliane is a remarkable human and delicate, home-of-your-dreams-finding genius. She is thoughtful and attentive, assertive when necessary, and more importantly, honest. Eliane patiently helped us find an extremely unique property and was our constant advocate throughout a very stressful and confusing first-time home-buying process. She immediately understood what my partner and I were looking for and promised we would find it. It was such a delight to work with Eliane. We feel lucky to know her as a person–having our remarkable home is bonus.”  ~  Jess & Hal, Chatham

“Eliane is the real estate agent people dream of. She is thorough, patient, knows the area like the back of her hand…and often the long history of the place that she shows you. As her client I felt that she thought of nothing else but finding the perfect house for me. With all her attention, I was surprised that she had other clients! I found her because my son worked with her to find his place. He recommended her to my daughter, who feels now that she lives in paradise. Several friends of both of them have worked with her. When I knew I wanted to move here, the choice was easy. Eliane already felt like family. And she did find me the perfect house!” ~ Nancy H, NYC

“Real Estate Fairy Godmother! Eliane found us our upstate dream home and was there to support us the entire way. Her experience & love of the market puts her a step above the rest. Responsive and a go-getter, I couldn’t recommend a better agent. ~ N. Lloyd, NYC

“I’m 100% recommending Eliane. It was an absolute pleasure working with Eliane. I would highlight her expertise, responsiveness and availability as her main skills. But she was also very transparent, knowledgeable about all processes, caring and offered excellent guidance. Eliane found us the home we were looking for, assisting every step of the journey and providing excellent input. Her network of contractors, suppliers, inspectors is reliable and affordable. Perfect agent, rare jewel.” ~ J Rochard, NYC

“Eliane is not your average broker. She is world class Olympian status, no exaggeration. She was recommended to me through several friends and family who felt her to be somewhat of a magic match maker, and after looking at dozens of houses on my own through websites like Zillow, I finally called her. She asked us for our vision and she basically found the house for us on the spot— she did a lot of research into other listings as well. Throughout the entire process she went above and beyond. An emotionally intelligent communicator, Eliane is extremely hands-on. She loves what she does and it shows.” ~ Molly Lowe

“In 2014 I met Eliane while visiting the area and explained that I wasn’t ready to buy but was interested.  Even though she had no prospects of an immediate sale, she spent a whole day showing me what was available and educating me on the area. Over the next few years she occasionally sent me listings and reached out just to touch base. Last fall she sent me a once-in-a-generation listing, I flew out to take a look at it with her, and in January I closed on the property. Her patience and endurance paid off for me handsomely. Thanks to her knowledge, kindness, generosity and attention to detail it was a lovely and memorable five-year experience, and I’ll be grateful to her forever.” ~ Bob L. Los Angeles

“We had an ideal experience working with Eliane. We gave her an idea of the kind of property we were looking for and that same weekend she had a full-day itinerary planned for us to see 6-8 homes, all of which were within our budget and the style we were seeking. She never tried to sell us on anything. She was patient, knowledgeable, realistic, and available when we needed her. Most importantly, she helped us find our dream home and walked us through the whole process from viewing to offering to moving in. I would recommend Eliane in a heartbeat.” ~ Michael P., Woodstock, NY

“Eliane was an absolute pleasure to work with from the beginning until closing. She is highly knowledgeable and meticulous in her choices and clearly understands her market. I would recommend her without hesitation and in fact look forward to working with her again on future projects.” ~ Matt B., Hudson, NY

“Eliane was amazing to work with. She is very personable — we felt like we were spending time with a friend. Most importantly, she has an incredible knowledge of the process — not just the properties, but also the intricacies of zoning, renovation work, tax questions, valuation, etc. etc. We found her remarkably flexible as our ultimate ‘dream property’ was nothing like what we initially told her we were looking for. Eliane made this process fun, enjoyable, stress free, exciting, and successful. I’m writing this 8 months after buying our home and I’ve recommended her to several friends and anyone who asked. One last piece – after we bought, Eliane reached out to make sure we were happy, recommended various contractors, and has been a great resource for our various questions. You’ll be very happy with Eliane!” ~ Jeff & Karen G. Milan, NY

“We spent two years working with Eliane – we were not going to settle. She was persistent, good-natured and understood our interests. She learned of a property that was about to be multiple listed. She pleaded with us to make a special trip right away. It took just a few minutes for us to realize this was the place. Eliane helped us through the purchase process in a knowledgeable and professional way, but her great contribution was her unflagging determination.” ~ Gay & Don K.

“Eliane has been our broker for both a purchase and sale. Her style is hands-on, her goal is clearly doing whatever it takes for her client. A 5-star rating doesn’t mean as much as the fact that I have recommended her services to every friend looking for property in the Mid-Hudson Valley.  I can think of no other professional I recommend to everyone.​ She is a person of the rarest grace, insight, refinement and warmth… and has reinstated my faith in the real estate industry.” ~ A. Gorlick, Milan

“Eliane is the best!! My entire experience with her was such a pleasure. We’ve purchased and sold several homes in different states and never have I had a realtor who paid such attention to detail. Her due diligence is impeccable. I don’t recommend Eliane as just a realtor because she’s so much more. She’s tapped into the art of customer service which places her leaps and bounds above her competition. We’ve started a new movement, it’s called Team Eliane. Referrals for life.” ~ K. Archard, NYC

 “While I was ready to sell and move on, it was still a difficult and emotional process. Eliane was very sensitive, yet frank w advice on staging and other details to attract a buyer at the optimum market price. She was a lifeline in the chaos of a major life change. In the end, I sold to the perfect buyer at exactly the price determined, and she was with me through every step on the way. I would not only ask her to represent me in the future on either side of a transaction, but would recommend her to anyone.” ~ Ariane St. Claire, Cotuit, MA

“I was living out of state and flew in to meet with Eliane. Upon meeting her it was clear that she was extremely polished and professional. A property had just come on the market which she thought I should see.  She scrambled to get a last-minute appointment to see the house, helped with the particulars of an offer, counseled me as to what to expect and then celebrated with me that same night after receiving word that the offer had been accepted. She’s a gem!” ~ J. Bould, Rhinebeck, NY

“Eliane is extremely knowledgeable and a true professional.  A great listener, Eliane understood our wants and needs.  She showed my wife and me the exact property we were searching for. The property had several issues that needed to be cleared up prior to closing.  Eliane was extremely focused, helping us work through the issues and clearing the path for the closing.  Eliane has many great qualities. She is pleasant, focused and honest. My wife and I will always choose Eliane for our real estate transactions.” ~ D. DeLucia, Pine Plains, NY

“As a broker, Eliane is proactive, thorough, & very knowledgeable. As a person she is intuitive, energetic, & sharp. She found us a gem of a property, guided us through negotiations, and acted as the most efficient & effective liaison to the myriad of parties involved in both finalizing our purchase and helping to facilitate our move—brokers, banks, inspectors, attorneys, & even architects, contractors, the department of buildings, and handymen. All the while, she consistently made herself available & truly looked out for our best interests. She is personable & always professional. We felt very lucky to have found her! “~ H. Paris, Philmont, NY

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